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Financial and monetary policie at a crossroads, time for analysis “Our Fiat money system will fail, sooner or later—as such systems that carry out too much printing

Statement from CEO Harald Seiz with outlook for 2020. Dear Karatbars Family, Dear Affiliates and Customers, Dear Friends, A big “THANK YOU” goes out to our partners for making 2019

In 2011 you founded Karatbars International GmbH and have since then set many milestones. Currently, your company has a turnover of several hundred million euros

Thomas Valet visits the gold mine of Gold Standard Banking operation in Brazil. The journey was a special highlight for him: Even at the surface it


Proven, valuable and consistent over generations: Gold! Currencies can crash and become worthless; central banks and finance ministers follow a policy that is not necessarily in the best interests

What is the concept of the innovative CashGold from Karatbars? What is the concept of the innovative CashGold from Karatbars? What is the success Karatbars is basing on? Gold

The Wordlwide availability of Karatbars CashGold If you have a business, the new Karatbars CashhGold Exchange Machines are a huge opportunity. Within the next 5 years, there will be

A comparison between the value retention of gold and real estate. Real estate is real and retains its value even in a crisis. People will always need a place


Shaping the future with the new Karatbars Karatgold Coins . If you’re looking for the latest

Thanks to blockchain technology, the Karatgold Coins are highly secure and can be quickly traded. Cryptocurrencies

The Kryptcoin KBC is right on schedule: The most important stations of the roadmap. November 2018 The

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