Financial and monetary policie at a crossroads, time for analysis “Our Fiat money system will fail, sooner or later—as

Statement from CEO Harald Seiz with outlook for 2020. Dear Karatbars Family, Dear Affiliates and Customers, Dear Friends, A big “THANK YOU”

In 2011 you founded Karatbars International GmbH and have since then set many milestones. Currently, your company has a turnover

Thomas Valet visits the gold mine of Gold Standard Banking operation in Brazil. The journey was a special highlight for him:

Gold Standard Banking Stock Market Launch in Madrid: Karatbars lays base for a successful 2020. Just before Christmas Karatbars International celebrated

Karatbars presents its new media portal KaratNews at the Gold Standard Stock Market Event in Madrid

With the World of Charity-Card, Karatbars is setting an example for more humanity. Gold has a great symbolic character as the

Exciting and innovative: The versatile world of Karatbars. The eponymous Karatbars are only a small part of the micro-gold universe. Another

The earth has enough resources to feed the world population of today more than seven billion people. Why one-half of

Expert for CashGold and pioneer in blockchain technology: The TechCompany Karatbars.

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