Great start into the new year

Statement from CEO Harald Seiz with outlook for 2020.

Dear Karatbars Family, Dear Affiliates and Customers, Dear Friends,

A big “THANK YOU” goes out to our partners for making 2019 just AMAZING! Each of you has done an incredible job. T

hanks to YOU we grew the Karatbars Family from 600.000 to nearly 900.000 members. What an outstanding achievement!

We will go in 2020 further and ahead with our project. The basic is still to bring the gold to the middle-class people, but also to complete our eco system, which we created with our new products, like the K1 IMpulse phone, the WHIM Laptop and more. KaratPay will also get an update this year to complete the Karatbars ecosystem and drive our vision ahead!

We wish you all the best and let’s get it on.


Harald Seiz

Zum Video – Harald Seiz Statement for 2020