How does VoBP make blockchain even better?

Financial transactions are rethought with Karatbars.

Karatbars is a innovative company, aiming to make the financial world a more convenient and simple place to dwell in. The company has already made a statement on the market with its remarkable products for customers who value the price stability of gold and the breakthrough nature of blockchain technology. One of the products Karatbars takes most pride in – the IMpulse K1 Phone.

The IMpulse K1 Phone is a device, fully designed for security and privacy. Equipped with cutting edge tools and stylishly designed, the phone’s main driving force is the unique Voice-over Blockchain Protocol (VoBP). Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VoBP) allows for full encryption and security of such personal data such as documents, invoices, texts and voice messages. Fully-encrypted and private, the protocol thus eliminates any intervention of intermediaries. Utilizing the IPFS platform, the protocol ensures an entirely decentralized blockchain-based storage of media. Ultimately, you have your peace of mind that no one can monitor what you are doing with your device.

What are the main features of the IMpulse K1?

The main purpose of the IMpulse K1 is privacy. When using the smartphone you can be sure that all of the information is completely safe. When you purchase a new device, you use your private key to design a unique number, which is your digital ID.

By using the IMpulse K1 smartphone the use of encryption becomes routine, with the technology adapting to users’ needs. IMpulse K1 users utilize a peer-to-peer network to privately exchange text and voice messages, as well as media and documents. As an additional advantage users aren’t burdened with the complex processes running in the background, using their smartphones without any further technical barriers.

Communication with IMpulse K1 as well as file transfers are entirely encrypted. You can exchange text messages, regular and video calls, photos and video files. The full encryption removes the need for middlemen and only relies on peer-to-peer transactions. The phone allows only the users to access their private information.

IMpulse K1 is not dependent on any institution or authority like a regular smartphone. The personal information is divided and distributed across many devices instead of a single server, as it is in the case of a regular phone.

The IMpulse K1 is one of the worlds first smartphones to utilize blockchain in a unique and innovative manner. This is attributed to the exclusive VOBP technology, which ensures complete privacy and data security.

Karatbars is dedicated to bringing users who value their privacy cutting edge technologies. The IMpulse K1 smartphone is the best blockchain technology can offer.

But the IMpulse K1 is not only about security and privacy. What makes the user experience even more seamless is the convenient interface and appealing design.

The smartphone operates within a blockchainData™ OS, featuring a Linux-based operation system, which works smoothly with all Android apps. The IMpulse K1 Phone is the future of mobile technology in everyday life. Your phone is more than just a device today. So make sure it provides the privacy you deserve. Learn more here