KBC – The Success Story of a Cryt Currency

The Kryptcoin KBC is right on schedule: The most important stations of the roadmap.

November 2018

The KaratGold Coin launched their own Cryptocurrency Exchange KaratBit

December 2018

Listing of coin on more major exchanges; number of acceptance partners to be increased up to twenty.

March 2019

Presentation IMpulse K1-Phone and K Merchant System in Dubai

4th July 2019

Gold Independence Days

4. September 2019

KaratCoin Bank pre-sale finished; KBC circulation started

20th September 2019

MainNet / KaratNet release Karatbars International starts operation on its own Blockchain

21th December 2019

Hardfork KBC and KCB. Creation of a single coin on MainNet.

1st January 2020

Gold New Year Mainnet / KaratNet Coin will be exchangeable for better value of physical Gold