Privacy is the new order!

Learn the security concept of the new IMpulse K1 phone in this explanation videos.

IMPulse K1 ist the first smartphone in the world that is working on „VOBP“ -Voice over Blockchain Protocol. How it works? The Blockchain is defined like a virtual reality which works by clear rules from the beginning and with infinent nummbers of connections.

The blockchain is based on the following principle. Information is not stored centrally on one server, but locally on all computers in the network. This makes the blockchain extremely secure. To manipulate information, not a server would have to be hacked, but each individual computer in the blockchain. And this is almost impossible.

Furthermore, each IMPulse K1 has its own security key and uses a special security algorithm for each piece of information. Thanks to these security standards, not only telephone calls, photos or personal data are transmitted securely, but also banking transactions can be carried out absolutely safely.

Karatbars and CryptoData can observe that the most important needs like pivacy and security are ensolved by IMPulse K1. These two video explain how it works:

Show video 1 – IMpulse K1 phone Explainer Part 1

Show video 2 – IMpulse K1 phone Explainer Part 2